Our History

In 1971, Mr. Premadasa Udugama who was then Secretary to the Ministry of Education had a concept to build up three new Primary model schools in Colombo District. As a result Mahnama, Sirimavo & Asoka has been put forward in line with a broader perspective. Though both Sirimavo and Mahanama were granted two lands with buildings, Asoka received only a small bare land at Maradana.

Those days, Maradana was yet another busiest town as today and the land was belonged to a foreigner called “Stock” and used for the collection of garbage in the surrounded areas. Not only that the area was occupied with all types of bad people.

With all these factors, it was not an easy task to commence a school in the given land. At that stage, Mr. V. Weerakoon, the Education Director was searched for a talented person who could take the challenge. Finally he found a person whom he thinks fit enough to meet this challenge. He is Mr. M.P. Dharmaratne worked as an education officer in Awissawella educational division by that time. He was born in 16th August 1933 and trained as a Teacher attached to the Teacher Training Institute in Maharagama during 1953/1954. Considering all these facts Mr Dharmaratne was called upon to Colombo and he was pleased to accept the invitation of Mr Weerakoon to build up a new primary school without any hesitation. This challenge will never be accepted by anyone who knows about the surrounded environment.

Construction of Asoka Vidyalaya has begun. The land was full of garbage. They started work by establishing a temporary office in a classroom at Thurston College.

The pegs and threads used on the very first day, for the setting out work for foundation was vanished on the following day. It shows the situation in the surrounded area. But with the constant ambition and the commitment of Mr. Dharmaratne, later he received a handful of support from all the civilians who stayed nearby and they were the people who guard it during the school vacation.

Only few know that there were death threats to Mr Dharmaratne. There was a “Kovil” situated next to the school and he wanted to attach that land also to school premises. But his continues efforts were successful irrespective of the death threats.

Finally a building was constructed with 8 classrooms after a short period of five months. The next issue was to find few students to the school. Since parents were keen in admitting their student to famous schools in the city and it was quite difficult to find students for a new school, but finally there were 260 students to start the school.

The 3rd day of January in 1973 was a blessed day to all in the school. “Stockwatta Primary School” has commenced its first day in the school history with the motto of “Asaw, Daraw & Hasirew”. School commenced with 9 teachers with 260 students. They were the first members of the school.

The school was not restricted to usual 5 and a half hour. Teachers, parents and students all got together and started developing the school through out all their free time in the evenings and weekends.

“Stockwatta Primary School” was nominated as a Grade one school for primary education in the year 1974. It changed its name to “Asoka Primary Vidyalaya” in the year 1977 and in 1980 it was become a secondary school.

The School started building its education as well as in sports and other extra curriculum activities. The time passed gradually, the founder of Asoka Vidyalaya the principal Mr. Dharmaratne has declared his retirement after 23 years of immense and valuable service. That was a sad day to all past Asokians including all the teachers and parents.

Though Mr Dharmaratne had a very strong personality he was in a deep sorrow on the day of his farewell “Dharmaratne Upahara Ulela” with tears in his eyes.

The next principal Mr. D.M. Gunadasa assumed his duty to fill the vacant position of the school on 24th Day of October 1995. He carried forward the principles and aspirations of Mr. Dharmaratne whilst serving the mother Asoka.

Mr. Prasanna Upashantha was privileged to be the 3rd principal of Asoka Vidyalaya  as the successor of Mr. D.M. Gunadasa. During his period of Office, there was a dramatic progress in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities apart from the significant academic advancements. Asoka Vidyalaya showcased higher results in both General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations.

The next principal Mr. Y. Yasarathna assumed his duty to fill the vacant position of the school.

After that Mr. D.M.K.B.G. DISANAYAKA appointed as the principal of the school.

Again Mr. Y. Yasarathna being the present pioneer of Asoka Vidyalaya extends his leadership to lift up the mother Asoka to one of the leading well-educated and well-disciplined schools in the country.